House fire damage clear up, Liverpool

We have recently completed a job at a client’s house where a fire had caused some damage. The walls were covered in a build up of black carbon and the house had a smoky odour throughout. Firstly we completed a free, no obligation quote to see the damage. We then sent over our quotation and the work was accepted. On this occasion, we agreed with the client that we would start work on a weekend for them so that they could leave the house whilst the cleaning commenced. They left us instructions of what to do when the cleaning had been completed so they didn’t have to rush back, making the job as stress free as possible.

Steam Cleaning, Liverpool

We started by firstly steam cleaning the walls to loosen the black carbon dust. Then, using a window cleaning blade, we wiped away the black water. We did this a total of 3 times to make sure nothing was left. We tested it by wiping the area when wearing white gloves to make sure no black marks were made when touching it. At the end of the cleaning process, we thermal fogged the whole house. Thermal fogging allows access to hard-to-reach areas and together disinfects walls and the atmosphere. This is a process which also removes any odour. All windows and doors are shut whilst it is carried out. The thermal fog machine releases sprays of pleasant smelling smoke, which in this case was cherry.

Thermal Fogging

The fog traps the odours, leaving the house smelling nice and fresh. On this occasion, we only cleaned the occupant’s walls, but we also specialise in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery when fire damage has occurred.

We understand cleaning up from a fire can be a very stressful time and we here at D H Complete Cleaning want to help by providing our services as much as we can.