Deep Clean Catering Kitchen, Blackpool

D H Cleaning, Manchester, North West

Our staff members are currently on their way to Blackpool, not just for rock, but to deep clean a kitchen in a café! The kitchen clean includes all appliances; walls, ceiling, floor and the extractor system, including the ducting, canopy, filter and extractor fan. First of all we start by de-greasing and cleaning all kitchen equipment. This particular cafe serves a lot of fried food. Therefore a lot of the appliances are covered in a layer of grease. We use a range of cleaning equipment depending on the nature and condition of the job. Today, staff members have taken lemon gel and greasers, which we can provide COSHH and Safety Data Sheets for. We are also big on health and safety and will provide RAMS for all jobs we attend.

As well as cleaning products, we also use steam as a form of cleaning. Steaming is a safer option as no chemicals are needed. Steaming is good to use in ovens, dishwashers, tiled floors or walls and extractor systems. Steam gets right in to all the hard to reach areas and is great to use with stubborn carbon or grease marks. Our staff are highly trained in the area of extractor cleaning and we have been trading for 18 years. We can drop the fan or take it apart if need be to clean the area, before putting everything back as we found it. All this is included in your price.

Deep Clean Catering Kitchen

With extraction cleaning, grease on canopies, duct work and filters, fire is a real risk. This can be stopped by frequent specialist cleaning. We will also advise you on how often they need to be cleaned.

Your clean will also include the issue of a certificate, which can be used as evidence to insurances that you have followed regulations. You will receive a certificate on every clean. What’s more, we will also add all of your details onto our database and automatically contact you in a year’s time when your clean is next due. Canopy filters are also available at £15 each and can be picked up or delivered. We cover all areas of the North West and do night and weekend shifts if need be. We like to accommodate our clients as much as possible to make their life that bit easier. We have a quick and easy form to fill out on our website for any enquiries; just simply fill it out and we will get back to you imminently. As well as filling out our form, enquiries can also be dealt with over the phone. Call us today on 0161 763 5666.

We are also able to put together quotations from pictures sent to our email address:
If you can take as many pictures of what it is you require cleaning, along with any other information such as the area you are in and your availability for the clean, then we could get the quote over to you straight away.