Deep & hygienic cleans for vulnerable people

We offer a range of services to a variety of clients.┬áSomething we are definitely known for is our 17 years’ experience in working with vulnerable people in their own homes.

This could be anywhere from communal properties and flats to houses and care homes.

It can be extremely embarrassing for strangers to enter your home and see all your private belongings. Many of the vulnerable people we work with struggle to maintain┬átheir properties themselves due to illnesses disabilities, or even substance users. Our staff are trained and have many years’ experience dealing with such things and we want to make this cleaning process as dignified and stress-free to the client as possible.

We work closely with social workers, family members and the council. No job is too big or too small and D H Complete Cleaning is not afraid to get their hands dirty! This is why we have built up the reputation we have and we have social workers and family members who contact us directly.

We offer free, no obligation quotations where we would meet your named person at the property to see what kind of job it is.

D H Complete Cleaning

Each person has their own circumstance and we will match your requirements to this, whether it is to keep the cost as low as possible or to give the deepest hygienic clean we offer. No matter what the extent of the job, each and every client is treated with the same dignity and respect.

We offer full deep cleans where each and every corner of the house is cleaned.

If needs be we can include rubbish removal, where we work with the clients to see what is to be kept or what is to be thrown.

We would ask close relatives, friends or social workers to be there when looking through personal items. However, if the client is happy and confident to do this alone, that is not a problem.

We also offer light cleaning in which sides are wiped down and carpets hoovered. This would obviously reduce the cost dramatically, but wouldn’t include moving items around to clean underneath or cleaning anything internally.

We do understand that some of our clients are substance uses. We are not here to judge but to get the job done as best we can. If items such as needles are required to be removed and disposed of correctly, we have all the facilities to do so safely.

Deep & hygienic cleans

Some items may be soiled with bodily fluids which is also not a problem. Again, we are not there to judge but to only get the job done! There isn’t anything we haven’t seen!

Some clients may wish to stay in the property whilst we carry out the clean. That is no issue and we will work around them as best we can without disturbing anyone. Other clients prefer to leave whilst the cleaning process is undertaken. We will take instruction on what to do when the cleaning process has finished i.e keys and contact number.

Once all work has finished, we ask that the client, social worker or family member walks around the property and make sure everything is up to standard.