Brick Cleaning Manchester, North West

We have taken on many sites recently and completed brick cleaning on new builds. We have worked our way through many sites completing the external cleaning on each plot. Some sites may have 10 plots; some 40 or more.  No matter how big the site,  D H Compete Cleaning Contractors will get the finished result you desire in the time frame you have. We work closely with site managers to enable the site is completed when it needs to be. We aim to complete anything from 6-10 to plots a day (with one staff member.) Obviously, if you require a quicker turnaround, we can send as many staff members as needed.

Brick Cleaning Manchester, North West

We have a number of machines and tools to access any hard to reach areas and use specialised detergents. These are also used for homes and brick, as well as the detergent. High-pressure water is used to get the brickwork looking how it used to. On some types of brick, we are to do a soft wash. This is where we use a low pressure of water as the mortar may not be in a good condition and may be soft. Using low pressure will make sure the mortar is not damaged.

As well as the high pressure of water, we also use brick acid. How much the acid is applied and diluted is dependent on the condition of the brick. We can sometimes apply it with a spray bottle or paint brushes.

D H Compete Cleaning Contractors will provide RAMS and any COSHH sheets required for each job.

North West Brick Cleaning Services

Once the cleaning process has finished, we will apply sealant if the client requests it. This will help keep your bricks cleaner for longer. It will also help protect it and keep it looking nicer for longer.

Before starting some of our brick cleaning jobs, if we think the pore structure of the brick is weak we will do a patch test on a small area. This will give us an idea on how the brick will react to the cleaning process. We can then go from there to decide what type of clean is best and which detergent will give us the best results.